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Hey, I'm new here... I'm a 17 year old female ballet/modern/contemporary dancer from Flint, MI, and I choreograph as well.

I've always thought of my art, and any art, for that matter, as an ideal place to voice my views on the world, and the state of humanity--particularly in light of what's happened to US policies these past years.

My last piece choreographed, Cold Fire, was an anti-war modern piece for four dancers set to music by Carl Orff (Badlands Suite III). My dancers and I used Picasso's Guernica as a starting point, and then used poetry and photography to bring the piece to another level. Cold Fire was performed at the 2004 RDA Midstates Festival, and a few local performances.

I use Cold Fire as an example of my dedication to opening the eyes of the world to not only the power of dance to communicate the state of humanity, but also to the corruption of our government.

This is an awesome community, I can't believe I found something so perfect for a person like me-- an active liberal, and dedicated dancer and choreographer. So great!
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