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Hi I'm New

I'm an 18 year old dancer, drummer, poet and, a little too involved activist. I first off want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING A TRANS POSITIVE COMMUNITY. Yeah, I get respect from other queers, my drumming group, and my other activists, but the majority of society is transphobic.

Anyways my current issue is with well both Bush and Martin, but seeing as I'm Canadian I focus on Martin, although its Bush's plan. What I am talking about is Ballistic Missile "Defence". Here in Ottawa we've started a campaign to directly target Martin and to bring awareness to the community to make sure BMD is shot down (pardon the pun) and is not endorsed by Canada as we wish no part in an arms race. Anyways so today I went to an action directly outside the Prime Minister's Office in -40oC. Note to self: Even drumming and dancing when its 40 below will not keep you warm. I encourage everyone to demonstrate, write letters, and promote information about Ballistic Missile "Defence", or as some of us have started titling it Ballistic Missile Bu..Sh..
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