why don't you shake your tail for peace and love?

Liberal/Left wing Dancers
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This is a space for dancers who are a little left of center. Simple pimple.

Not sure what is an acceptable post? There are lots of things to talk about!
-Dance class
-Dance related issues
-How much your poor dancer feet hurt after that last protest
-How silly Mr. Bush is
-How silly Mr. Martin is
-How silly _________ (insert leader's name here) is
-How the government doesn't fund the arts enough!

Having this, still not sure what is UNacceptable?
That too is simple. it goes like this:
no hate!!!
no transphobia, homophobia, sexism, bi-phobia, racism, classism or 'ism' of any kind.

All kinds of dancers are welcome; Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Modern, Traditional, Character...Dance costumers, set designers, choreohraphers and teachers are welcome too! You're even welcome if you don't take dance class and you just like shakin' it at the club every weekend!

Thanks and happy posting!

-Mod, fake_ballerina
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